Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Passion of Storytelling

Since the beginning of man’s existence, storytelling has played a significant role in presenting the many different facets of human character and imagination. Even going back to when cavemen scrawled on stonewalls and scratched messages onto dirt floors, man has always had a fascination with the art of storytelling.
As a fiction writer, I not only enjoy creating the story, but I also adore reading a stimulating narrative as well. This, I believe, is the essence of monumental writing and superb storytelling. To absorb the entire creative process and to enter into another world by the alluring arrangement of written prose can be an exciting experience, one like no other.
These distinct individuals and characters known as storytellers possess the ability to teach, entertain, and spread value and tradition. They are a group that I discovered as toddler when my Grandmother first read to me Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. These authors, novelists, poets and other artists of written prose have been a powerful driving force behind my creative writing explorations for many years.
To capture a reader's imagination is what every fiction writer longs for. To know that it is possible to send someone’s mind off to a faraway land and perhaps change his or her molecular structure ever so slightly is something that drives me as a writer.
The beauty of storytelling is a magical process from beginning to end. When I conceived the idea for this blog entry, it was my intention for the reader to gain a better understanding of how important storytelling is to me. The excitement and joy that I receive after reading a remarkable piece of writing is just another rousing element that spurs motivation and keeps me going as a writer and storytelling enthusiast.

Always hold the art of storytelling in the highest respect; it is one treasure that will continue to outlive us all. If you don’t believe me, just ask the caveman.

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